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David Hipp


David’s journey to Hawaii began when he reconnected with his college sweetheart – Pamela Ramos, a local girl from Paʻauilo Mauka on Hawaiʻi Island.  

They soon married – 32 years after that college romance! After much arm-twisting (haha!), Pam convinced David that he should retire from Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice and move to Hawaiʻi – which he did in 2009.  They now live in Waimea on Hawaiʻi Island.   

David was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida – home of the University of Florida Fightinʻ Gators, and much to his wife’s dismay, he still bleeds orange and blue.  Sports are definitely his passion, though after a few knee surgeries back in the dark ages, he’s become a better spectator than participant. 

David began his career as a teacher of at-risk kids in a rural county high school in Florida’s panhandle.  This was the beginning of his path into juvenile justice.  Juvenile justice systems across the country are fraught with racial and ethnic disparities, and it is no different in Hawaiʻi, where Hawaiian youth are grossly over-represented.  So, David is excited about the opportunity to work with the trust as it unfolds its new strategic plan.

Interestingly, Pam also is a former teacher of at-risk youth, in both Kohala and Honokaa, and she now works at the district level in the West Hawaii School Complex.  David and Pam share four children, ages 28 to 38 – and all of them are apparently having waaay too much fun in their careers and traveling to give them any grandchildren – yet!