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2017 Innovation Huddle


Liliʻuokalani Trust (LT) presents Hawaii’s first ever Innovation Huddle.

Social innovators, visionary leaders, and impact makers will gather for a two-day conference to ignite the movement towards breaking the cycle of poverty for Hawaiian children.

The purpose of the Innovation Huddle is to inspire and engage individuals as a community united, to build our collective capacity to advance LT’s vision of nā kamalei lupalupa, thriving Hawaiian children. Speakers, special guests, and LT teammates will be moved and perspectives transformed as we take an in-depth look at issues facing our kamaliʻi, shed light on diverse viewpoints, and discover promising pathways toward innovative solutions.     

Over the past two years, LT has connected with numerous organizations and individuals doing innovative work locally and nationally. At the Innovation Huddle, thought leaders will discuss motivation, effective interventions, and measurable outcomes that have led them to achieve deep impact in their respective fields. Participants will have the opportunity to network and develop “unreasonable” partnerships – connections that cut across disciplines for the common goal of social good. This conference implores us to cultivate a culture of learning, innovation, and excellence – values embodied and shared by our founder, Queen Liliʻuokalani. 

Let’s defy convention together. Join us for a global convening of social innovators as we explore opportunities for leveraging technology and innovation to effect social change, and catalyze inspired solutions to disrupt the status quo.