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Jul 15, 2014

Ali'i Trusts present at Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference

At the 22nd annual Hawaii Conservation Conference today, representatives from Kamehameha Schools, the Queen Emma Land Company, Queen Liliʻuokalani Trust, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs presented at a conference session which explored the relationship between the aliʻi trusts and Hawaiian serving organizations of Hawaiʻi, and the lands they manage to support their missions.  

The speakers, from left to right in the above photo, were:

  • Eric Martinson, president of Queen Emma Land Company
  • Neil Hannahs, director of Kamehameha Schools' land assets division
  • LeeAnne Crabbe, vice president at Queen Liliʻuokalani Trust 
  • Darrell Young, deputy director of Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
  • Jon Ching, of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs

The forum delved into the contemporary roles of both aliʻi trusts and Hawaiian serving organizations in land management and conservation, and addressed the following issues:

  • How is each organization accomplishing its mission in todayʻs society?
  • What is the relatioship between the lands they manage and their mission, and how has this evolved over their organization’s history?
  • How does the management of our watersheds, landscapes, sacred places and native Hawaiian plants and animals contribute to the well-being of their beneficiaries?

Each speaker offered a unique perspective on these complex topics, while the panel discussion which followed further explored these differences and the modern-day roles the aliʻi trusts and Hawaiian serving organizations play in the management of Hawaiʻi’s lands. 

Mahalo to the speakers for their very informative presentation.

QLT's LeeAnn Crabbe addresses conference



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