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Michael Ikeda


Mike moved to the Kona trust office in March 2015, after serving 34 years at the Liliʻuokalani Childrenʻs Center in Kona and 14 years helping individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction. 

He provides outreach to trust beneficiaries, community groups and local areas schools who visit or work at cultural sites and natural resource areas in Keahuolū, and actively stewards these resources through education, adaptive management and restoration.

Mike grew up on a farm in Waiale'e, Oahu. He is the youngest of three children. Life was simple then and families lived a subsistent lifestyle, eating and sharing the things they grew and caught.  Living in the shadow of a pali (mountain), there was no television or radio reception, and Mike’s entertainment was fishing, surfing, playing cat and mouse games with Army soldiers on maneuvers on the mountains behind his house, and playing hide and seek in the fog cloud created by the DDT trucks controlling mosquitoes.

Early in his life Mike was embraced by a kupuna that set the course of his life. She took him to work in her lo'i, gather ʻina and wana (sea urchins), catch he'e (octopus) and i'a (fish), and harvest various kinds of limu (algae). At night she shared mo'olelo (stories) that were told by her kupuna and sang old Hawaiian songs. On Sundays they piled into her old station wagon and headed to church in Haleiwa.

Having the good fortune of being surrounded by loving and caring people, and great role models and mentors, Mike feels an obligation to pass on the gifts and knowledge that were freely given to him.

Mike attended Kahuku High & Intermediate School and Kahuku Elementary School and is a Kahuku Red Raider for Life. He earned a BA in Social Science and a Certificate in Substance Abuse and Addiction Studies from the University of Hawai'i.

He and his wife Patty reside in Ka'awaloa in South Kona.  They have two daughters and six grandchildren.