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Real Estate

The Trust owns approximately 6,200 acres of Hawai‘i real estate.

Liliʻuokalani Trust owns approximately 6,200 acres of Hawai‘i real estate, the vast majority of it located on the Island of Hawai‘i.  Ninety-two percent of the Trust's real estate is agriculture/conservation land, while the remainder is zoned for commercial, industrial and residential use.

On Hawai‘i Island, properties include the nearly-intact 3,400-acre ahupua‘a of Keahuolū in Kona, and the 2,800-acre agricultural and conservation lands of Honohina on the windward side.

The Trust's O‘ahu real estate, 32 acres in size, is comprised of various properties in Waikiki and other parts of the island.

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Keahuolū The 3,400-acre ahupua‘a of Keahuolū in Kona spans along the ocean and up to the mauka agricultural lands. Keahuolū is both undeveloped and developed, and...


The Trust lands at Honohina on Hawai‘i Island comprise over 2,800 acres of agricultural and conservation land. Located northwest of Hilo, Honohina fronts along the...


The Trust owns the leased-fee interest in approximately 11 acres of Waikiki real estate. Properties are zoned either Resort Mixed-Use or Apartment, and include one hotel...

Other Properties

The Trust also owns approximately four acres of commercial and residential real estate on other parts of O‘ahu, as well as the kīpuka properties on O‘ahu, Maui,...