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Makai Keahoulu blue ocean and shoreline

Brian Nemeth

Brian Nemeth is the Facilities Maintenance Technician for Lydia House, a space in urban Honolulu that provides services and resources for young adults and teens. 

His kuleana includes maintaining the multistory facility, overseeing repairs and upgrades, ensuring the safety of the grounds, and responding to various situations. 

Before joining the Trust, Brian accumulated decades of experience in commercial building maintenance.

What initially attracted him to Lydia House was the aloha spirit and respect he felt upon first entering the space. This aloha spirit was evident not only at Lydia House, but also throughout the Trust, and he is grateful to be a part of a collective dedicated to supporting youth. 

“I look forward to every day, focusing on how I can better the facility and its surroundings,” Brian says. 

When he isn’t at Lydia House, he enjoys working out at the gym, traveling, exploring the Island’s diverse offerings, and seeking out new experiences in life. 

He enjoys quality time spent with family and friends. “I’m very grateful to my stepdad for training me in this field of work and teaching me the importance of doing the job correctly,” he says. “I also appreciate the support I get from my wife and daughter.”

Another interesting aspect of Brian is his talent for crafting custom-made lamps for individuals who appreciate unique and personalized lamps.