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Programs and Services

Who does the Trust serve?

The Trust serves “orphaned and destitute children” in the State of Hawai'i with preference given to those of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

What kinds of programs and services are provided?

LT provides a continuum of healing services to Native Hawaiian youth in Early Childhood (0-5), Youth Development (5-18), and Opportunity Youth (13-26). Examples include parenting skills classes, after-school enrichment programs, and emergency shelter options. Visit our Programs and Services page to learn more, or call our Mālama Line to get connected.

How do I find out if a child/children I know is eligible?

Please call our Mālama Line at 808-466-8080. A warm, caring member of our team will learn more about the the child or children you are calling about help to determine eligibility or provide external referrals.

Is cash assistance provided?

Our LT Social Services Team uses many tools to help kamaliʻi and ʻohana on their journey to health, healing, and stabilization. In certain cases, financial assistance may be used a tool to assist our beneficiaries, alongside other trauma-informed interventions and methods.

Requests for Funding

Does LT have a grant-making program or accept requests for funding?

LT is not a grant-making organization. Rather, it is a private operating foundation, which operates a nonprofit for the benefit of the Native Hawaiian children named as beneficiaries of the Queen's Trust.

Getting Involved

Does LT partner with other organizations?

LT partners with other organizations who serve vulnerable Indigenous children across Hawaiʻi, the U.S. Continent, and the world. We share knowledge, data, and technical expertise to assist in the important work of bettering the lives of the most vulnerable youth.

My organization is interested in partnering with LT. Who do we contact?

Please contact info@onipaa.org with a short description of how you envision working with LT or supporting Native Hawaiian kamaliʻi. We will route your request to the appropriate island/team.

How do I keep in touch?

We have several ways you can keep in touch with us.

  • Email – Subscribe to our quarterly email updates from LT.
  • Facebook – Like and follow our Facebook page to receive updates.
  • Instagram – Follow us.

You can also email info@onipaa.org with questions and we can refer you to the LT teammate who can best assist you.