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Noe Realin

Noe originally hails from Kalihi and has since transplanted to Mililani with her family.

Her first interaction with LT was as a young teen mom residing on Molokaʻi. Through services offered at LT, she was able to learn her worth and the importance of education to sustain herself and child.  She was able to start her educational journey on Molokaʻi at Maui Community College, and later moved to Oʻahu where she attended Honolulu Community College and subsequently received her Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

Noe started her career working with Child Welfare Services (CWS) as a case manager; she worked with families primarily on the Leeward Coast to address safety concerns in the home, to eventually support reunification with their parents or other permanency goals such as adoption or legal guardianship.  She also served as a case manager with the Hawaii Family Drug Court program. 

In 2012, Noe began her new role as supervisor of a unit within CWS, in which she partnered with LT and played a role in creating the Ka Pili ʻOhana (KPO) program.  

Her work with KPO has led her to back to LT and the Queen.  In December 2019, Noe became the Quality Assurance Advisor for the Lili'uokalani Trust.  It is an honor and a privilege for her to now be working for the Queen and serving the Native Hawaiian children.  

She is kept busy by her three daughters, Jo, Skye, Jax, and son, Ezra, and their various wrestling practices and tournaments.  Thanks to their uber driver/dad, Manford, they are able to make it to all their events on time.