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Makai Keahoulu blue ocean and shoreline

Patricia Moody

Patricia Moody has an extensive background in business leadership, entrepreneurship, and design.

For 20 years, she was the hard-working owner and operator of a grocery-export business. She also has a Business Administration degree from the University of Oregon.

Midway through her career, Patty earned a degree in Fine Arts in Interior Design from Chaminade University, which allowed her to pivot to a new field.

As Project Coordinator on the Design and Construction Team for Liliʻuokalani Trust, she combines her business acumen with her passion for design.

Patty appreciates that her “everyday contributions play a meaningful role in the mission to serve the mission of our beloved Queen Liliʻuokalani.”

When she isn’t working, Patty enjoys hot yoga 26/2 (Bikram), a practice she began 25 years ago. Exercising in a 104-degree room keeps her mentally and physically fit!

Crafting and sewing clothes also bring Patty joy — her own mother and grandmother taught her to sew when she was just 10 years old.

Although her daughters are grown up (the 22-year-old is in college, and the 24-year-old graduated college and lives in the U.S. Mainland), Patty is grateful for the generational bond that connects herself, her elderly mother, and her own children.

Every Saturday, Patty loves to visit her mother’s home to spend quality time, as she lives out her golden years.