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Carl Matsunaga

Carl joined the trust in 1993, serving at the Children’s Center in Hilo and in Kona before transitioning to special projects manager in August 2016.

He was born in Hilo and spent his early years growing up in the sleepy plantation town of Honoka’a. Not wanting him to be a spoiled “only child,” his parents taught him the value of hard work by sending him to pick macadamia nuts alongside wise mentors during the summers.  Carl’s family later moved back to Hilo, with his father commuting long distances so Carl could attend St. Joseph Intermediate and High School.   

Carl attended the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  After a brief stint with Family Court Probation in the Program Services Division, he returned to school and earned a Master of Social Work degree from University of Hawaʻii at Mānoa, and has been with the Trust since in both direct practice and management roles.

In his free time, Carl enjoys fishing and anything to do with the ocean.  He also enjoys traveling to various locales (especially to deposit money in Las Vegas) and spending quiet time with his very patient partner, Leila.