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Davianne "Dee" Balbarino

Davianne “Dee” Balbarino, a Youth Case Manager at Lydia House, lives by a favorite mantra: “Always leave people better than you found them.” 

This philosophy is the cornerstone of her role at Lydia House. Here, she empowers Opportunity Youth ages 16 to 26 to pursue their dreams, cultivate independence through skill-building, and embrace positive, healthy strategies to overcome adversity.

Raised in Kaimukī by a nurturing family, Dee’s journey began at just 6 weeks old when she was adopted from the Liliʻuokalani Children’s Center. “I was provided the best care and unconditional love,” she says. “I carry the same passion that my family showed me for making a positive difference in people’s lives.” 

She expresses gratitude to work for the Queen and support the Trust’s mission of guiding youth from trauma to thriving.

Dee has over a decade of experience in the Department of Education and various sectors, where she assisted victims of domestic violence, individuals facing behavioral health challenges, and those experiencing homelessness. She also served as a Parent Educator in early child development. 

Outside of her professional life, Dee cherishes time with her children and grandchildren. Together, they love to travel, frolic on the beach, attend sporting events, worship in church, and strengthen their bonds over family dinners.