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Makai Keahoulu blue ocean and shoreline

Kainoa Aila

Kainoa is from Lualualei. He is a youth development specialist by day and a humble farmer by night.

Kainoa feels strongly that our Hawaiian history is filled with hidden gems of knowledge and wisdom, and that we, the living generation, have a responsibility to uncover these gems and share them with those who are ready to learn from them. Our Queen is one of those gems.

I could not turn back the time for the political change, but there is still time to save our heritage. You must remember never to cease to act because you fear you may fail (1). The way to lose any earthly kingdom is to be inflexible, intolerant, and prejudicial.  Another way is to be too flexible, tolerant of too many wrongs, and without judgment at all. It is a razor’s edge. It is the width of a blade of pili grass (2). To gain the kingdom of heaven is to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable -- that is Aloha.  All things in this world are two; in heaven, there is but one (3).

Kainoaʻs interpretation:

  1. If you fear something, it will have power over you. If you do not fear it, it is powerless against you. Determination to achieve our individual goals, dreams, aspirations, creativity, and kuleana. (ʻOnipaʻa)
  2. (a) In our world, Aloha exists, and it doesn’t. Some people have too much, others not enough. It is a razor's edge. It is the width of a blade of pili grass.  (b) The Queen tells us that an earthly kingdom (government) can be lost, because it is based on materialistic principles, along with the logic of man. Aloha is based on god, the holy spirit, which emanates to all of his children, and is not bound to favoritism, of a select few (those who forced the loss of her sovereignty).
  3. (a) Heaven can only be achieved by using Aloha because Aloha allows the individual to share and entertain the spirit of another, whether it's a human, corporation, plant, or rock. Aloha respects and loves all. (b) Heaven is Aloha, and Aloha is heaven Spirt/Oneness.