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Kisha Okuna

“As a life concept, always be thankful for the elements that make life so precious” – unknown.

Kisha is from Kailua-Kona, a community she loves and take pride in. She spent 10 years working for social services both in the state and private capacity. Her passion for social work developed while being inspired by seasoned social workers who dedicated their careers to helping families and youth thrive. Kisha was lucky to have learned from some amazing social workers and colleagues who encouraged her to complete her MSW. 

Kisha came to LT in May 2017 - December 2017 for her first year of MSW practicum; she later returned in August 2018 for her second practicum. During her second practicum, Kisha was hired as a team member for Kipuka Kona. Serving the Queen and her mission has been an honor for Kisha. 

Kisha loves to travel with her husband and three children. Experiencing new things together is what she most enjoys.