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Turama Medeiros

Joseph "Turama" Medeiros is a Senior at James B. Castle High School in the Agriculture Food Production and Natural Resources pathway.

He plans on attending Leeward Community College, majoring in Sustainable Agriculture as a part of the PaCoN Food Biosecurity program. Outside of school and work Turama enjoys gardening, cooking with local ingredients, and diving for sustainable and low-pollution seafood. Aside from that he also partakes in natural Lāʻau Lapaʻau(Traditional Hawaiian medicines) and works towards becoming 100% sustainable and culturally/politically enlightened.

At Castle High School Turama is a Luna(Leader/ Headman) of the Lāʻau Lapaʻau plants and originator of TuramaTea, Castle High School's medicinal tea business.

He first heard about Nā Leo o Kamakaʻeha from his connections with youth leaders in politics and took interest in the program to expand the inclusion of ʻĀina in Youth Programs. He quickly got energetic with all the possibilities of introducing and incorporating ʻĀina to form a connection with the story of our culture/origin, the food that we eat and products we put in our bodies. Turama is proud to serve his community as a part of this cohort and is excited to make a change to the system in which our Keiki are educated and the experiences/ opportunities they are offered.