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Waiwai: Data


| COVID-19 Impacts on Native Hawaiian Businesses Issue Brief |

While Native Hawaiian businesses are experiencing “sudden, severe, and lasting impacts” from COVID-19, they may play a crucial role in Hawaiʻi’s economic recovery because they are less dependent on the tourism industry, according to a new report released in May 2020.

The COVID-19 Impacts on Native Hawaiian Businesses Issue Brief is the first publication in a series of research briefs co-produced by the Native Hawaiian COVID-19 Research Hui, a collaboration between Liliʻuokalani Trust, OHA and Kamehameha Schools. The goal of the collaboration is to gather and provide data that explore the ways Native Hawaiians have been impacted by the pandemic and the systemic conditions that place our communities at greater risk, and to inform pathways for moving forward to create a new normal.

| Native Hawaiian Data Portal |

LT and Kamehameha Schools launched the Native Hawaiian Data Portal on December 20, 2019. 

The Portal, available at nativehawaiiandataportal.com, facilitates finding over 90 publicly available secondary data sources that contain information related to Native Hawaiian wellbeing. Partnering organizations include the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Native Hawaiian Education Association, and Papa Ola Lōkahi.

| Community Profile Data |

This second report is a set of statistical Community Profiles of the geographic areas LT serves. The statistical data are organized under the domains or “petals” of LT's wellbeing framework, the Pua Liliʻu.  

               Community Profile Hilo

               Community Profile Honolulu

               Community Profile Kauaʻi

               Community Profile Koʻolau Poko

               Community Profile Koʻolauloa

               Community Profile Kona

               Community Profile Lānaʻi

               Community Profile Maui

               Community Profile Molokaʻi

               Community Profile Waiʻanae

               State of Hawaiʻi Profile 

               Data Reflection Questions

               Resources for Community Profile Data