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Jaysha Alonzo-Estrada


Jaysha is a rising junior at Stanford University studying Human Biology, with a concentration in Social Determinants of Public Health.

As an intern with the Trust’s research and evaluation team, she is very excited to be home for the summer and learn about the current approaches to addressing economic poverty and wellbeing in the state, particularly within the Native Hawaiian population. 

“While I am familiar with Native Hawaiian culture and know some of the health disparities that my community faces, I have not worked directly with poverty, so this will be an area for me to learn a lot,” she says.

By starting conversations with people she encounters throughout the summer, Jaysha hopes to form meaningful relationships and discuss what it means to achieve indigenous wellbeing. 

“It is one of my long-term goals to return to the Hawaiian Islands and serve the people of Hawaiʻi.” 

Growing up and going to community events, Jaysha would often see a Liliʻuokalani Trust booth with staff giving out pamphlets or engaging in conversation with people who walked by. It wasn’t until high school when she visited one of LT’s kīpuka and learned about their contributions to uplifting Native Hawaiians that she really understood what the Trust is about.

It is organizations like these that inspire Jaysha to do community and public service which, she says, is why she wanted to work with Liliʻuokalani Trust this summer.