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Queen’s Mele

Queen Lili‘uokalani, Hawai‘i’s last ruling monarch, was a talented poet and an accomplished musician. She and her three siblings, referred to as Na Lani ‘Eha (the Royal Four), wrote some of the most treasured and beloved songs of Hawaiʻi.

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E Lei Hoʻi, E Liliʻulani Ē

This collection of songs brings the Queen’s music to life, so that it may “be heard amongst our people to the present day” and enjoyed by all for generations to come.

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“To compose,” she once said, “was as natural to me as to breathe.”

Many of her compositions were love songs in the tradition of mele ho‘oipoipo, full of nature metaphors. She also wrote about the issues of her day, and her compositions have endured as expressions of Hawaiian identity. Despite being immersed in the political jockeying that would culminate in her overthrow in 1893, she remained faithful to her musical interests.

Liliʻuokalani distinguished herself by the sheer number of works she produced, her ability to notate her songs, and her attention to preserving and publishing them.

“These songs are to be heard amongst our people to the present day,” she said.

This collection of songs is intended to do just that: to bring the Queen’s music to life, to make it available and accessible to as wide an audience as possible, and perpetuate her legacy.

Hear and enjoy the music, by and for Queen Liliʻuokalani.

CD Booklet

The CD booklet includes an introduction by Moon Kauakahi with both Hawaiian and English lyrics for each song.

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The making of E Lei Hoʻi, E Liliʻulani Ē

Special Thanks

Liliʻuoklani Trust is honored to recognize these artists for their contributions to this project.

  • Moon Kauakahi

    Project director, arranger, vocals, ‘ukulele, guitar

  • Eric Lee

    Assistant project director, vocals, bass

  • Marlene Sai

    Guest artist

  • Robert Cazimero

    Guest artist

  • Ra’iatea Helm

    Guest artist

  • Aaron Mahi

    Guest artist

  • Del Beazley

    Guest artist

  • Horace Dudoit

    Guest artist

  • Chris Kamaka

    Guest artist

  • Glen Smith

    Guest artist

  • David Kauahikaua

    Orchestration and recording engineer

  • Bobby Ingano

    Guest artist

  • Chinky Māhoe

    Guest artist

  • Milan Bertosa

    Mixing and mastering engineer

Mixing and mastering at GumpofWump Inc. Studio, 848 Rainbow Blvd. #850, Las Vegas, NV 89107