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Makai Keahoulu blue ocean and shoreline

Pōkiʻi Magallanes

Pōkiʻi was born and raised in west Oʻahu and is a proud graduate of Waiʻanae High School.

In 1995, he began an adventure to reconnect with his Hawaiian culture where he was influenced by many kumu, including the late master chanter, kumu hula, and historian John Lake. Throughout his experience with John's hālau, Pōkiʻi built many friendships and lasting relationships with cultural mentors.                                                  

In 2011, Pōkiʻi initiated Waiʻanae's first community hale mua, Mua O Ulehawa. Through his work at the Trust, Pōkiʻi continues to build mua with others who share his passion.                                                                          

Pōkiʻi resides in Ulehawa, Oʻahu with his wife, son, and three daughters. He enjoys dates with his wife, horror movies, hunting with his son, martial arts, creating traditional and contemporary Hawaiian fine art, and quality time with his 'ohana.