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Shaila Lawrence

Born and raised in Hilo, Shaila Hokulani Apele Lawrence is the Social Services Team lead for LT’s Kīpuka Hilo.

Prior to LT, she dedicated her time providing intensive in-home therapy for the youth in her community.

Once she had her little, she realized it was time to take a step back from Westernized modalities and dive into culturally enriched programming and counseling.

This is what brought her to LT.

Shaila’s favorite aspect about being a lead is “learning from the impact we have on our kamaliʻi from our direct work and the work of my teammates.”

Shaila is oriented and dedicated to providing healing solutions for kamaliʻi, providing them with opportunities, and removing any barriers from being their best selves.

When she is not working, she spends all her time with family and close friends and enjoys camping, watching basketball games, fishing, or partnering on fun projects with her husband.

She also smothers her little with lots of love while she enjoys seeing her grow.