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Talk Story Sessions

Talk Story Sessions

"Feel-good and insightful Zoomcasts on ways to thrive."

EPISODE 1 | Tips On Wellness: Walaʻau with Roimata Mozo

During these unprecedented times here in Hawaiʻi, we are being asked as a community to remain indoors and remain safe – in the face of uncertainty, confusion, and fear of sickness, loss, etc. – all of which can negatively affect our emotional and psychological wellbeing.

So, what do we do? What we do best! Come together. Support each other. We can do this! It’s in our DNA.

In the name of coming together, here is the first of several walaʻau/talk-story sessions with friends in the fields of mental health and trauma. We talk about ways for all of us to maintain our sanity, as well as some tips to kakoʻo us in our roles as parents/grand-parents/ family members.

We are in the business of promoting thriving lives for our keiki and communities, so hopefully this “LT Zoom-cast” helps you in your efforts to do the same.

EPISODE 2 | Tips On Providing Nurturing Learning Environments at Home: Wala’au with Miki Tomita

This episode will focus on ways to provide a nurturing learning enviroment for kamaliʻi in the absence of formal school. Some tips are as simple as “share stories” and “give yourself grace." Mahalo to Miki Tomita from Education Incubator for sitting down and sharing these valuable insights!

EPISODE 3 | Helping Keiki Cope with Loss of Social Groups: Walaʻau with Susie Lundy & Andy Frias

So many of our keiki are grappling with loss at this time. Due to school closures and quarantine, many of our children and communities have lost time with their social groups as well as missing out on valuable experiences, many of which are irreplaceable. Why do these things matter? What do they provide for our Keiki and communities? And how can we help our children cope with the loss? Watch now and join us for a walaau session to hear answers to these questions and more.

EPISODE 4 | Leading in Uncertain Times: Walaʻau with Summer Keliipio

Leading through these unprecedented times can be difficult. Whether leading an organization, a community or a family, the task of leading others through chaos and uncertainty is not easy. So what helps? Please join us for a walaau session with Summer Keliipio, LT's Senior Director of Systems Innovation & Community Change, as she highlights the various mindsets and skill sets that it takes to provide sound and competent leadership; and more importantly how to grow your skills!